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Ho Royal Hospital Goes Digital

The Royal Hospital at Ho, has introduced an electronic system to fast track the movement of patients.

With the new procedure which involves no paper work, patient’s details are posted from the front desk to the Out Patients Department (OPD), and then posted from there to the doctor’s consulting room.

The doctor then sees the postings on his screen, and calls the patients accordingly.

The administrator of the hospital, Mr Saviour Amakpa disclosed these during a visit to the facility by The Spectator last week.

He said the system also covered the nursing stations, and applied to laboratory and dispensary procedures as well.

“The principal objective of the new system is to reduce the waiting time of patients”, Mr Amakpa added.

He said that plans were also far advanced to increase the bed capacity of the hospital from 30 to 70 before the end of this year.

On the average, Mr. Amakpa said the hospital attends to 200 patients daily.

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